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Christl Huber M.D.
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Eyes need exercise

Just like any other muscle in the body, the eye muscles need exercise. Eyes are optimized for outdoor living. According to recent research, outdoor activity has a positive effect on visual functions. The movement of the eyes, the quick changes between distance and near vision, sharp focusing, and peripheral perception trains the vision and stimulates the metabolism in the eye.

Staring tires the eyes

Outdoor exercise is useful and ensures good blood circulation and oxygen supply to the eyes and brain. Indoors, staring at small screens, especially with smartphones, tablets, and computers, the view remains fixed in the same direction and distance providing little exercise for the eyes.

Dry eyes

Tears moisten the eyes, flush out dust and germs, and provide oxygen and nutrients to the cornea and conjunctiva. Intense staring reduces tear production. With insufficient moisture the eyes become irritated, burn and develop a foreign body sensation. If this condition persists, it can create an flammation of the conjunctiva and cornea.

Exercise keeps eyes healthy

Eye movements and frequent changes between distance and near vision relaxes and stimulates the lacrimal gland. The quick answer for dry eyes is drops for hydration. There are a number of good eye drops that can be applied regularly without inflicting damage to the eyes.

If seeing is exhausting . . .

• Stop intense work for a few minutes
• Give the eyes a break with a wider distant view
• Get up and walk around, if possible outdoors in fresh air

Eye Muscle Focus Training

• Move the eyes from left to right and up and down in a figure "8" pattern with frequent blinks
• Place objects in line at 30 cm, 2 m, and further than 6 m and alternate focusing on each object
• To relax distance vision look out the window or take a walk

Eye Lid-massage for lacrimal gland fluid on the eyelids

• Spread a little eye ointment on the fingertips
• Look down and massage the upper eyelid inwardly gently against the bone beneath the eyebrow
• Look up and repeat for lower eyelid, massaging the lid’s edge inwardly

Warm compresses

• Moisten a washcloth or eye pad with hot water and wring out
• Place moist cloth on the closed eyelids until it gets cold
• Repeat 4 to 5 times and rinse with artificial tear eye drops

Be good to your eyes with

• Outdoor activity
• Eye exercises and relaxation
• Dry eyes treatment

And most of all: Correct refractive errors early!