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Health Tip: Exercise Outdoors !

Health tip: Get out in the sun!

Once again I would like to remind you how important exercise and sport outdoors are for health - despite and precisely because of the pandemic situation. Don't let the winter gray deter you, because even when the sky is overcast there is still plenty of UV light.

UVB light forms vitamin D

Sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D in the skin. It is vital for many body functions. However, vitamin D cannot be sufficiently absorbed with food. It is mainly formed in the skin when exposed to sunlight. This is not a problem in summer and vitamin D is also stored in the body for a certain period of time. Nevertheless, there can be a deficit in our latitudes in winter, especially among older people. Vitamin D food supplements must be dosed carefully and in a controlled manner, because too much can be harmful.

Sunlight creates a good mood

Little of this is available on short winter days. But natural sunlight is important to keep us in a good mood. Even when the sky is overcast, the hormone serotonin is formed in daylight. It wakes up the body and creates a good mood. In contrast, melatonin is formed in the dark. This makes you tired and promotes sleep. In winter there is a light deficit and the mood can turn depressed.

Lights are not the same

Sunlight has a spectrum that corresponds to the color lines in the rainbow. Most artificial light sources today are LED lights. LED light does not have a color spectrum but an identical wavelength of around 400 nm. The light generated is blue and is changed into the desired color gradations using filters.

Blue LED light influences the biorhythm and keeps us awake even when it's already dark outside. During the short winter days we spend a lot more time indoors and with digital media. If digital devices are used until late in the evening, this is not only stressful for the eyes but also often leads to sleep disorders. You should stop looking at screens about 2 hours before going to bed.

Go out in the sun and recharge your batteries with light and air

  • that lifts the mood
  • promotes blood circulation
  • stimulates the formation of vitamin D
  • and relaxes eyes and vision